Amazing Brain Carnival

2016-2017 marks a decade of Amazing Brain Carnivals - join us to make this year's events the best ABC yet!

The Amazing Brain Carnival is a large public event held twice a year at the Saint Louis Science Center. Scientists engage the public through interactive demos illustrating the principles of brain function and how it can be studied the perspective of many different fields, including Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Scientists will also exhibit donated human brain specimens to teach the public about how the parts of the brain function together to support us in our daily lives.

For the public: this is a unique opportunity to interact with scientists studying the brain and its functions. Our scientists have designed creative and interactive demonstrations that reveal how your brain works. Throughout the day, experts will give presentations on subjects such as vision processing in horseshoe crabs, brain computer interfaces, how some fish use electricity to study their environment and communicate, and more! You'll even have the chance to hold a real human brain!

For graduate students: in conjunction with staff from the Saint Louis Science Center, we'll train you in how to communicate complex scientific concepts to lay audiences. You'll get the opportunity to present a classic neuroscience demonstration or develop your own unique demonstration that teaches the public about your research. Participation in the ABC is an incredibly rewarding experience and has helped graduate students develop skills that have positively influenced their careers.