The Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium aims to connect students, teachers, and the public with brain-related research and educational opportunities across the Saint Louis region.  

We support a variety of programs and events at Washington University and beyond, with the goal of promoting an understanding and appreciation of neuroscience for all ages.


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Our Partners and Sponsors include:

Cognitive, Computational, and Systems Neuroscience (CCSN) Pathway
A 2-year training experience for graduate students at Washington University.

Washington University’s Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR)
The umbrella organization for neuroscience research and education at Washington University.

St. Louis Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
350 students, staff, and faculty from universities and research institutes in the area of St. Louis, Missouri. Gives a variety of awards to area neuroscientists.

McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience

To enhance research and research training in systems and cognitive neuroscience.

Institute for School PartnershipConnecting, inspiring & empowering to advance K-12 education in St. Louis.

Society for NeuroscienceAdvancing the understanding of the brain and nervous system.

The Dana FoundationYour gateway to responsible information about the brain.

National Science FoundationWhere discovery begins.

Saint Louis Science CenterGenerating interest in the sciences through exhibits and attractions for all ages.