Members at the St. Louis Science Center with STEM director Cindy Encarnacion

Are you interested in science policy, science literacy, or science advocacy?

Washington University in St. Louis Graduate Students Promoting Science Policy, Education, and Research (ProSPER) is a university-wide graduate student group that promotes the use of science in policy-making through science advocacy and literacy, facilitating inter-professional communication, and increasing scientist participation in policy. The group holds a variety of events, including member education events, case studies on how scientists have been involved in science advocacy, and panel discussions.

How ProSPER can help you:

We provide exposure and networking opportunities for unconventional career tracks, practice on how to effectively communicate science to a lay audience, and investigate how the intersection of science, medicine, law, and social sciences influences public policy decisions.

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ProSPER in the news:

WUSTL news

"In April (2012), Teresa Ai, second-year doctoral student in immunology, and Rebecca Lowdon, second-year doctoral student in molecular genetics and genomics, launched the student group ProSPER, or WU Graduate Students Promoting Science Policy, Education and Research, after attending CGI U in Washington, D.C., on a civic engagement grant from WUSTL’s Gephardt Institute for Public Service."