Off-Campus Living Committee

The GSS Off-Campus Living Committee works as a liaison between graduate students in Arts and Sciences and Quadrangle Housing. The Committee meets regularly with representatives from Quadrangle to discuss issues pertaining to living off-campus such as safety, security, maintenance, customer care, and the future of off-campus student housing. The Committee is working towards developing an open forum for discussion between student body leaders and administrators in charge of off-campus housing. The committee also covers parking and transportation issues, including the Campus2Home shuttle.

       Building off the work of the 2014-2015 OCLC, the current Committee (2015-2016) conducted a follow-up online survey near the end of 2015 to evaluate graduate student satisfaction with specific landlords, living conditions, and rent. This survey also sought to assess the common complaint that graduate students are slowly getting priced out of their current apartments.


Check out the FULL summary of our findings here!

     In Spring 2016, the OCLC discussed the findings with representatives from Quadrangle Housing/Parallel Properties.  The OCLC is committed to continuing discussions with Quadrangle Housing, Parallel Properties, and university administrators to build upon the progress we have made so far.  We are also planning a graduate student housing forum in Fall 2016.  This forum will focus on the specific needs of graduate studenst at Washington University. Stay tuned for more information! If you want to be involved in next year's committee, contact us.

The committee has put together a list of resources for finding a place to live in the area around the university:
  • Quadrangle Housing (University affiliated housing) 
  • Apartment Referral Services 
  • The internet - There are plenty of nice housing options that aren't listed on university websites. Just search for 'apartments in St. Louis', 'apartment rental', or other relevant keywords and you'll find plenty of additional resources.
  • Request advice from peer mentors in your program or others you already know in St. Louis.
  • There is additional useful housing information from the Office of International Students and Scholars.
  • Information about off campus safety from the University Police.
  • Check out the WashU Free and For Sale Facebook page to stock your new place.
  • If you're looking for roomates or a sublet, the WashU Housing Facebook page is a good place to look and to post wanted ads.

You can find a list of graduate student recommendations of specific listing services, leasing companies, neighborhoods, area attractions, and other useful information about living in St. Louis here.

Please contact the committee chair for more information about how you can get involved!