Executive Committee (2016-17)





School/Department: Engineering-MSE


Yiqi is currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering program and he is also one of the McDonnell International Scholars. He currently serves as the President of 2016-17 WashU CSSA committee. Shanghai is his home town and he received his bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University. He is more than glad to contribute to Chinese student community.


Vice President

School/Department: Engineering- MEMS

Yifan Diao, a Master student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. He currently serves as Vice President in CSSA. His hometown is Tianjin and he got  his bachelor's degree from Southwest JiaoTong University. He is interested in entrepreneurship and business and he would like to be friends with anyone at WashU.

Luan, Lini (Tracy) 


School/Department: Social Work


Tracy is a second-year MSW student in the Brown School of Social Work, concentrating on international social and economic development. Prior to graduate school, she received her bachelor's degree in Economics. Helping people help themselves has always been her passion, so proudly serving on the CSSA executive committee her primary focus is to provide capacity-building services to all the Chinese students and scholars and help them find a sense of belonging here. Also, she is actively engaged in St. Louis local communities.


Chen, Yuhao

Entertainment Chair

School/Department: Engineering- EE

Yuhao Chen, a master student of Electrical Engineering program. Current Entertainment Chair of CSSA. Hope to see you in St. Louis!


Li, Jieni

Entertainment Chair

School/Department:Brown School-Public Health

Jieni Li, a second year MPH student with biostatistics concentration, currently serves as the Entertainment chair for the CSSA. She got her bachelor degree from the UIUC. She loves watching basketball games and her favorite basketball team is Oklahoma Thunder. 


Chen, Huizhen

Legal Chair

School/Department: Law


Hello, everyone! My name is Huizhen Chen, a Juris Doctor Candidate here. I currently serves as the Legal Chair of 2015 WashU CSSA committee. I come from Tianjin and earned my bachelor degrees in Law/ Finance from Shandong University. I hope my work in CSSA will contribute to the benefits of all Chinese here, not just to the students in WashU, but also to the local communities.



Internal Affairs Chair
School/Department: Engineering-MSIS
Han Xia, a Master student majoring in Information System Program after graduation from Nanjing University, joins CSSA of WashU and he wants to bring energy to this big family.He looks forward to organizing more campus activities, promoting cultural publicity, and serving more students.  And he expects to work with you at WashU.

Zuoxian, Hou

Publication Chair

School/Department: Engineering-ESE

Zuoxian Loves music and animation. He would like to sing whenever and wherever he can. He wishes to help you all and temper himself during his time in the CSSA.


School Representatives (2016-17)

Yan, LieWei (Leo)

School: Medicine

Leo is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. He loves biking, and enjoys great food and wine selections around St. Louis.