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If you have any questions and/or comments, please send us a message using this contact form. We will try our best to respond ASAP.

Mailing List

You can subscribe to our mailing list (called 'WashU CSSA'), which is powered by Google Groups. You will need to sign in with a Google account in order to view our group. After you sign in, please click on the 'Join group' button and follow the instructions on the Join group dialog box.

After you join our Google Group, we will send you event announcements, important notifications, newsletters and other CSSA related emails. Typically you will only receive 1-2 emails per week. This is the most convenient way to receive updates from CSSA. We are looking forward to meeting you in our events!

To unsubscribe, simply send an email to or edit your settings: Google Groups > My groups > wucssa > My Settings (upper right corner) > Leave this group.

Social Networks

We actively manage a Facebook Page (named 'WashU CSSA'). Please 'Like' us to stay connected! Also, we have Renren and Sina Weibo accounts. You can easily reach us on all these social networks.