September 26, 2015

[Mid-Autumn Festival]CSSA 2015 中秋晚会 ,10 月 3日晚邀你团圆!

Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is Coming!! 7pm, Oct 3rd @ Graham Chapel






下周六,即 10 月 3 日(周六)晚,CSSA将于 Graham Chapel 举行一年一度的中秋晚会,各路才子佳人各显身手,英雄豪杰身怀绝技,来自十余个专业院系的同学经过近一个月的精心排练,为大家准备了一场精彩的团圆盛宴。




晚宴时间及地点:10 月 3 日 (周六)下午 5 点开始  @  Gargoyle  ($5 / 人,凡持华大学生证均免费入场,18岁以下或者65岁以上长者免费入场)


晚会时间及地点:10 月 3 日 (周六)下午 7 点开始  @  Graham Chapel




Dear WashU students!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


This coming weekend is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (Want to know more about Mid-Autumn Festival? Click Here). If you have friends from China, don't forget to wish them a happy holiday!


On October 3rd, which is next Saturday, CSSA will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Graham Chapel with wonderful performances. If you are interested in experiencing and learning Chinese culture, feel free to join us and bring some friends!


Dinner Reception: Oct. 3rd, Saturday, 5PM @ Gargoyle ($5/person, free with WashU ID / under 18 )


Showcase: Oct. 3rd, Saturday, 7PM @ Graham Chapel