September 8, 2015


CSSA Summer Outing 2015
Sipping high-quality beer, having small talks with new buddies and old friends from different schools and programs, what were we doing? Enjoying the 2015 summer out, of course!
This summer, WashU CSSA Committee organized a summer outing event on August, 23rd, 2015. The theme of this year’s event was one-hour tour to Anheuser- Busch Brewery factory in St. Louis. Anheuser- Busch Brewery is an international multibillion beer company with over 150 years history and has the first and largest factory in St. Louis. Among other tourists, we had a close look on the facilities of storage and fermentation. Each of us got a free drink and rested at the Anheuser- Busch Brewery’s open bar. We also had a group photo taken in order to capture one of the best moments of this summer. Some of us even visited the park nearby after the tour and took dozens of photos. It was an exciting and enjoyable experience!
After having fun, all the participants had dinner together at the Mandarin House Restaurant. The expenses of this summer outing event were partially paid by WashU CSSA funding.
二十多人报名参与了二十三日的夏季游览活动。大家在Brooklyn Hall 门前集合,然后与有车同学合乘,一起到百威酒厂参观。当拿到参观券之后,大家和其他慕名而来的游客一起,参观百威酒厂。我们参观了百威酒厂特有的马厩,见识到了储存百万加仑啤酒的巨大储藏罐和冷藏室。之后凭着有效身份证件喝着百威啤酒厂提供的样品啤酒,听着他们介绍百威酒厂的前世今生。然后,参观发酵酿制的车间,并在在酒厂边上的open bar,喝着啤酒,与不同学院的同学尽兴交谈。最后在大厅里大家合影留念,庆祝这一天活动的顺利。