Welcome to the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at Washington University in St. Louis! We hope the information accessible here will help you learn more about the association. While this electronic visit will prove informative, we invite you to join in our activities. You will find an intellectually vibrant and diverse community of students and scholars who challenge themselves to seek new knowledge as well as greater understanding of life.

WashU CSSA, officially recognized since 2001, is the only university-wide graduate student organization that coordinates social and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars on both Danforth and medical campus of Washington University. We also strive to increase cultural awareness on campus and share Chinese culture within the entire WashU community.

If you would like to know more about Washington University, please read this brief introduction (written in Chinese).

CSSA Constitution

We revised the CSSA constitution in 2013 to keep it updated and better define the organization of CSSA.


CSSA LogoThe logotype of CSSA was designed by Ms. Chen Lan, a WashU alumna who got her Master's degree from the Architecture School in May 2000.

The logo uses the school colors of Washington University in St. Louis, red and green.

The Green part is a combination of the gateway arch, symbol and pride of St. Louis, and the Great Wall, symbol and pride of China. The arch and the Great Wall represent the double consciousness of identities of Chinese students and scholars at Washington University. China is the motherland to which our hearts attach; America is the dreamland where we realize our ambitions. The image of the Great Wall also forms a letter "W", the first letter of "Washington"; the arch can be read as an upside down letter "U". The name of Washington Univeristy is in this way embodied in the design.

The red part, CSSA, is the acronym of our association. The capitalized letters "C" and "A" beautifully balance the picture. The double "s" is juxtaposed to represent the brotherhood and sisterhood among students and scholars at Washington University in St. Louis.

CSSA T-Shirt

CSSA T-ShirtThe CSSA T-shirt was designed by Zhehao Zhang, a PhD student in DBBS.

In the front, the name of "CSSA Washington University in St. Louis" is characterized with university colors of green and red taken from WashU badge and an outstanding letter "A" inspired by the St. Louis Arch which stands for the pride of Gateway city. Seal scripted Chinese characters of "中国学生学者联谊会", the Chinese translation of CSSA, are on the back.

CSSA Website and Forum

There is a long history of CSSA website and forum which may have been more than 10 years till now. Although we have lost track of designers for the first CSSA website & forum which came in before 2001, their dedication and efforts are highly appreciated here. In 2004, Guandong Wang who was a CSE student then, launched the '04 version of CSSA BBS, and webmaster Bo Zhao kept its management and maintenance. This launching of new BBS forum made CSSA the 1st "GPC Bridging GAPS Web Award" in 2004.

The second generation of CSSA website and forum was designed between 2006 and a year after that. Ruoyun Huang (PhD student of CSE) and Mingbo Han (MS of Public Health) built a very user-friendly system for CSSA forum which was maintained by them, Haoyi Wang (PhD of DBBS), Shuo Luo (PhD of DBBS) and many others, from 2007 till now. Meanwhile, Zhehao Zhang who is a PhD student of DBBS designed a new website for CSSA. Its unique features of blog style and red-yellow theme helped it gain a great popularity among WashU CSSA community. In April 2008, the '07 version of CSSA website and forum won the 5th "GPC Bridging GAPS Web Award".

The third CSSA website and forum were integrated together between 2009 and 2010, and went live on March 22, 2010. Jessica Straatmann, the webmaster of Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, built the fundamental basis of new site, and content implementations were done by Peng Li (PhD student of CSE, previous webmaster) and Yunfei Shi (PhD student of BME). Acknowledgement also goes to Zhehao Zhang, Ruoyun Huang, Shuo Luo, Zheng Chen (PhD student of CSE) and many others who helped with providing information, resources and valuable suggestions during site building and testing.

The current CSSA website went live on April, 2013. The fundamental basis of new site was built by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The content Implementations were done by Bangxi Yu (Master student of CSE, previous webmaster). Great thanks to those people who make a great contribution on our new website.